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Played out as a nightmare scenario with intensified sound
and visuals we experience the childhood trauma from the eyes of Benjamin.

While playing in the sandbox, at the age of 6, he has a bucket filled with sand placed on top of his head by 3 bullies. They bury his head deep into the sandbox and he escapes for air only to find out that he can't breathe, as his throat is clogged up with sand.

With an escalated tension the body kicks in to the rescue,
resulting in him puking the sand back into the sandbox.
At the end of the film it begs the question, how does bullying and/or other kinds of childhood trauma affect someone into their adult life?

Alwin Nilsson

Mathias Olofsson

Director/Writer: Marcus Lundin
Producers: Peter S. Andersson
Director of Photography: Pelle Jerkers 

Gaffer: Paul Raphael d'Indy

Best Boy: Felix Palmqvist
First Assistant Camera: Emilie Forsman

Second Assistant Camera: Philip Lindhe

Sound design/Sound Mixer: Jacob Hafner Keelan

Production Designer: Hanna Persson

Art Director: Martin Bengzon

First Assistant Direcotr: Simon Öhlund

BTS/Runner: Augustin Sjöberg

Catering/BTS Photo: Viktor Jonsson

Film Makeup Artist: Andromeda Lundén

Design Assistant: Shannon Smith

Grip/Crane Op: Paul Layton

Music: Aramis Silvereke 

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