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I'm Paul Dindy! 

I'm a cinematographer and analog photographer. 

Some nice quote or something? 

Gimmi your fiiilm

I develop and scan in my darkroom located in the 376 office, here in Malmö Sweden. 

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Developing Film

I develop all kinds of film! Give me your film! I will develop it for you! Gimme gimme!

Price: Starting at 130kr

Scanning Film

I scan all kinds of film! Give me your film! I will svan it for you! Gimme gimme!

Price: Starting at 100kr

Buy Our Film!

We have our own reusable film rolls! Bring back the shell and get 10% off for your next one!

Price: Starting at 50kr


Fill out the information and I'll contact you directly via your e-mail to get all the details to make the experience the best it can be.


What servic are you intrested in?
What film do you wnt to evelop/ scan?
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Thanks! I will contact you via e-mail as soon as possible!

Payment only through
If you have any questions, reach me via e-mail:
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