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Hi there!

Inspire growth through kindness, collaboration and creation.

376 Films is a company of like-minded filmmakers. A mixed group of creative, open-minded, new thinking, and loving people from all over!

We love film, and we make them in all kinds of different lengths, shapes, genres, tones, and styles. Our focus usually lies on story and character, with a visual, musical, and design-driven style.

We like nothing more than to be ambitious in our filmmaking; pushing our creativity in every project towards something new and exciting. Always looking for growth through new experiences!

What we value, above all, is collaboration, so we’re always looking for new people to be a part of 376 Films. Please don’t hesitate to say hi!

If you have any questions contact us or come by our office in Malmö for a coffee.

Profile picture of Peter S. Andersson

CEO | Producer | First Assistant Director

Peter S. Andersson

Profile picture of Paul Raphael d'Indy

Paul Raphael d'Indy

DoP | Editor | Colorist | Writer

Profile picture of Viktor Jonsson

Viktor Jonsson

Director | Writer | Editor | Actor

Profile picture of Paul Layton

Paul Layton

Actor | Writer | Producer | Director

Profile picture of André Havéus

André Havéus

Writer | Director | Producer

Profile picture of Jonna Carlberg

Jonna Carlberg

Producer | Marketing Coordinator | Actor

Profile picture of Pelle Jerkers

Pelle Jerkers

DoP | Camera Assistant | Gaffer | Editor

Profile picture of Aramis Silvereke

Aramis Silvereke

Composer | Music Producer

Profile picture of Alexander Bengtsson

Alexander Bengtsson

Production Coordinator | Writer

Profile picture of Caroline Sjöbeck

Caroline Sjöbeck

Director | Production Assistant

Profile picture of Augustin Sjöberg

Augustin Sjöberg

Writer | Director | Editor

Profile picture of Josefine Kinnvall

Josefine Kinnvall